3D BUCKET RENDERS by /u/Morrigan_Disapproves

I was having some problems with wishful planning whereby on paper, everything fit exactly and magically where I wanted them to. So I drew them up on the computer. I'm super excited about this and wanted to share! Through this, I'm accumulating some to scale, usable models of common bucket parts (that I'm using or have tried out). These might be useful for others who are planning buckets. The mounted container is to hide the mess of wires, powerbar and other stuff. Mounting the heatsinks in PVC wont work here because with four mounting assemblies, the gaping holes would probably make the lid too flimsy. Instead, they are suspended from the lid by a long screw, washers and aluminum tubing as spacers. Rather than stacking the light top on a bucket, I'm using a pot lid. The idea is motivated by it serving as in part a reflector and in part proving some partition between the main bucket. You can check out the completed setup in this bucket article, which provides much more information about this particular build. This SB is part of a new trend of DIY custom LEDs, which can give you more freedom on the lighting configuration.