PAPI'S BUILD by /u/papi_chulo83

So I'm running a passive intake build which takes a lot of influence for this build. Big shout out to /u/ticklemyelm0! I basically used his post as my main foundation. Now with that said the materials are four 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot, a 180w UFO LED light (and 5050SMD side-lighting), plus a 240 CFM duct fan. Since I was running passive I wanted something powerful enough to pull through the UFO LED light and push through the carbon filter once I get it. I have a 6' to 8' duct attachment that fits perfectly over the UFO exaust holes which means I dont have to make any custom card board work on top.The only things I have left to do on this build is tape down the the exhaust. And also create the electrical box attachment which allows me to hide the wires neatly. Total cost for the build is probably around $350 once I get the carbon filter as it stands now its sitting around $250 or so. Majority of the cost has been the UFO and exhaust fan. I live in a luxury Apartment so it is imperative that I hide the smell this is why I went for an exhaust that I can easily add the carbon filter if it gets too stinky, which I fully expect it will. I really like the look of it so I leave it in my living room and its not an eyesore.