SIMPLE LED BRUTE by /u/halfmpty

This bucket took a few hours to build, you could make one today! I followed SAGs wiring guides for this lighting project, they are an invaluable resource. I used 10gal brute buckets, with a high power LEDat a cost of a little under $150. The buckets cost $50 and the light components were about another $50, all from Amazon. These brutes had the best $/height ratio when I built this and I chose white for the reflectivity, also lined them with Mylar foil using a glue stick. They have a volume of very approx. 3.5 cubic ft. For the light, I bought a 100w warm-white COB LED, a CPU cooler, a Meanwell 100w 12v DC power supply, and constant current boost converter. Threw those together without soldering, and had a minor hiccup when it didn’t turn on before I adjusted the voltage on the converter. Many thanks to the community and bucketeers that helped me! Here is a flower album.