The KLONER was a very easy and simple growing tool to create. It is a gardening assistant to help you create a perpetual plant environment. The pump is only a 0.5' riser, a 0.5' sprinkler head and a 300+ GPH water pump. Oxygen-rich water through their roots is pumped continuously to promote root growth. Hope you like it and build your own!


Take the 1-7/8' Forstner Bit and drill 7 equidistant holes into the bucket lid. Place water pump inside and attach riser and sprinkler. It will protrude higher than the Bucket initially. The goal is to keep the riser and sprinkler head just under the bucket so the spray will hit all the nets. Measure accordingly and cut the riser to fit. Assemble the water pump, riser, and sprinkler head once measurements and cuts are complete. Then fill the Bucket with water so it covers the water pump then stand back and plug it in to see how the water flows inside the Bucket. Note: do this test outside or keep a mop handy. Once the water pump assembly is complete, empty the Bucket of water. Place the Bucket Lid with the 1 7/8' holes cut into it on top of the Bucket and check where to make a small notch for the water pump cord. Note how in the pictures it is placed towards the back; this assists me in placement when it comes time to determine which clones are in what position.Cut out a small notch for the power cord and test fit. I wanted it snug so water would not have an avenue for escape by cutting it too large or wide. Take a zip-tie and secure the power cord with a small loop to the Bucket. I used the handle opening for this part. 3 clones were removed and placed inside the foam disc. The 75 Watt UFO LED 36 ' above the clones. Temperature remains within 75 to 80 degrees, with humidity around 50 to 60 percent.