THE CANNABUCKET by /u/cannabucket

Here is my build! The light lid is comprised of a 200w LED COB light and a 120mm computer fan; the bottom of the lid is completely covered in aluminum tape, creating a reflector for the light. Inside of the bucket is painted entirely flat white, outside is flat black. For ventilation I installed 80mm intake fans on the walls of the bucket. The fans are connected to a 4-way speed controller allowing for complete control of air flow as well as adjusting humidity levels. I attached the power strip and fan speed controller to the bucket using adhesive Velcro. This makes deconstructing the bucket simple if parts need to be replaced. I have fan screen covers on the intake fans. I'm planning on buying a 120mm cover and also creating light traps to keep outside ambient light from getting inside. Trying to maintain as much of a controlled environment as possible. Thanks for looking!