CAPTAIN BUCKET by /u/CaptainSmolPP

Here's my current bucket that I've slowly upgraded over the past few months and I think I'm at an end point for this build. I've learned so much and had a blast with this project. Big shoutout to r/SuperGreenLab and u/Dwarkas for the timelapse software powered by a Raspberry Pi!
I'm using a Meanwell adjustable driver, passive heatsink cooling a Vero 18, elevated barrier+window screen for carbon when it gets stanky, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W for the timelapse/live feed.
I have a fan splitter on the 12v line so I can add another fan to aid pulling air through the granulated carbon when I add it. Any questions are more than welcome, I love this community! I'm growing solely autoflowers so I don't have to worry about outside light.