DUBTRUB PLANTERS by /u/dubtrub

This was a quickly thrown together bucket after a weekend of browsing through Space Buckets. I had most of these items around the house so I gave it a shot! It's just two planters Velcro'ed together. I have 4 CFL bulbs one 1 adapter, and I fitted a laptop cooling fan onto the top, right above the lights. There's a small intake vent, and I have a fan inside to push the air to the top of the bucket (and to hopefully draw some air in). Temp stays around 85°f, and I have a tomato plant in there to test everything out. My next bucket will have a little more planning involved, but I'm excited to see how this one goes! Happy growing! I installed a LED strip and also put mylar on the bucket. I used the 5050SMD RGBW lights which are programmable. I just wanted to confirm that these lights retain the last setting after powering back on after lights out, which is awesome!