Girl built a bucket

After doing what most others have done - loiter, read, watch, gather, learn - I have built my first indoor garden bucket! Main Components: Brute 32gal can with 2 lids Growstar 300w UFO LED LED strip lights (these will be added when they arrive) Auto timer for lights 2 - AC Finity Axial fans 4' these come with mounting bolts and washers Insten temp/humidity gauge (will be added) Power strip with 7 outlets or more Heavy duty extension cord Waterproof lining for floor Hardware: Reflective automobile shade Reflective foil tape - 10 yards Duct tape Philips screwdriver Exacto knife Tape measure Flashlight Sharpie Pencil Pliers Spray adhesive Safety goggles 4 - zipties - 15' long 3 - Eye bolts w/ nut - 1/4' x 2' Wide washers Plant-Related: Seeds Fox Farms Happy Frog soil Perlite Nutrients Drainage bowl Drainage grid 2 root/seedling bowls 3-gallon 'smart pot (breathable shopping bag) Distilled water Netting I wanted a clean, tidy build. I got the extra lid so I can move the light up as my plants get taller. This was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I am super-excited to grow my first successful, healthy crop of flowers in the next few weeks.