BIG BUCK BUILD by /u/grasorator

Hello there bucketeers! So my build is a bit unusual I guess. It was built from a 43 gallon barrel by cutting the top off and turning it upside down to make it 'openable'. There are 2 120 mm PC fanks - intake + outtake - Outtake has a variable speed thing. The inside is lined with diamond mylar and taped by alu foil + some glue. No side lightning yet - will upgrade later. I cut a hole out of the lid and placed a 340W (154W Real draw - measured myself) LED grow light on top of it as you can see. I made little covers for the fans using a plastic net + panda foil + alu foil to reduce the light trace. Lights are on a 16/8 schedule. Thanks to all the big names here in SB! You know who you are and you made this possible for many people.