Green top tower by /u/TheWisePersimon

Hey everyone, here's my first attempt at building a DIY indoor garden, it's been heaps of fun creating and thanks to the community for all the info out there! I can't wait to grow plants in my Space Bucket. May as well start at the top: I tried to keep it as neat as I could by keeping everything housed inside, so in the middle of the lid is a 4inch booster fan which connects out the top to the ducting to the carbon filter. This will take care of any smells the plants might emit. Inside, it is sitting just on top of the UFO LED exhaust fan which has been reversed so all the airflow is being sucked through the holes on the side and then out the top. The UFO LED grow light is a 300w one which is suspended by some cable ties and metal clips. So my cables for the booster fan are wrapped around the top inside which I did to keep it neat but I only settled on this after making sure that it was safe and doesn't get hot on top of the led to do any damage or be a fire hazard, the booster fan seems to keep everything cool, I may make some adjustments yet though. There are 8 spacers, quite a bit taller than I was intending but my citrus sativa is turning into a tree. Unfortunately where I live our laws are out of date and growing is a bit of a no no  so a sativa was all I could get my hands on so have had to make do. Covered the inside in white paint to make it reflective and have a fan controller attached for the booster fan with some ocd wiring and next to it is a pc fan intake with dust cover, it is attached with a custom adapter from the guys over at HomeMadeGrow on etsy, works a charm. There is a little notch just above the fan controller which I can put a small humidifier cable through when necessary too and have a timer and power consumption reader too. So far it's working well, no light leaks, isn't too loud, carbon filter removes the smell completely, highly recommend. Thanks for checking it out.