HYDRO DWC BUCKET by /u/myfrstbkt

This is my DWC bucket grow build! I can't wait to start growing plants in it. I'm using standard 5gal buckets with LED bulbs and LED sidelights for lighting, and a 140mm Noctua fan screwed directly to bucket. For simplicity's sake I'm using General Hydroponics Flora Duo 2 part fertilizer solution. It's a complete nutrient so hopefully I won't have to worry about Cal Mag or anything related to soil imbalance. Also using both Piranha and Voodoo Juice for root health. It's all working great (and most importantly I'm having fun).


To build this grow bucket I cut a hole in the lid to hold the 5' netpot, drill holes for air lines, fill tube and water level indicator. Additionally you can see the medium cover that I cut from another lid. This is to keep light off the grow medium and discourage surface algae during initial starting phase when medium is wet from nutrient solution needing to be pumped up to the immature roots. You can also see the dripper tucked down in the netpot. This keeps the medium wet while the seedling is young, before the roots have reached down into the nutrient solution in the bucket. After that point the dripper is switch to the battery backup pump and only runs in the event of a power outage. The fill tube inlet is above the water line and so is only a very tight friction fit. The water level hole on the other hand is sealed with a rubber grommet as it's underwater. Also, you can see the holes drilled near the top for the various airlines that will run to air stones and the water drip system. The roots fill the bucket, hang down into the 3gal of nutrient solution (about half the bucket).