NIHILENCE BUILD by /u/nihilence

After much waiting for eBay-bought items to arrive from China, this is my almost-finished bucket garden. I planted a few clover plants to test with. There's still a little bit more to do (e.g. either solder the ammeter wire or find a wire nut.) The bucks on the fans aren't necessary but more convenient than not for now. Running the multimeter off of a 9v battery is probably not very sustainable but I'm not sure how else to do it yet. The most annoying problem I'm having is that I can see no indication whatsoever that this boost limits on current no matter how I turn the two potentiometers. Adjusting the voltage clearly works perfectly but the supposed current pot seems to have no effect. It seems fine enough for now though even when it's plenty hot.p.s. A special thanks to my girlfriend. She did all the aluminum taping. :)


Cheap 100W - It's around 6500K and claims to output around 10Klm. It just barely fits on to the fan/heat sink. One benefit of this thing is that I overdrove it a couple of times to the point it turned off and it still works perfectly. I'd say that's pretty big plus for quality compared to some of the garbage I've seen on eBay.CPU Combined Heat Sink and Fan - I like it even though it's not ideal for this. It's mounted on using zip ties. It's essentially silent, much like having a laptop in the room. The other exhaust/outtake (red) fan is louder than I'd like but low pitch.Boost converter - I can't recommend this since I'm pretty sure it's defective as it doesn't seem to be limiting on current. If I crank the voltage all the way up, there's no way to lower the current regardless of which way the pot is cranked to.


The bucket was ordered on amazon because there's pretty much no choice in buckets whatsoeever in Sweden, especially at a reasonable price. No ability to add spacers but I'm fine with that. Most of what you see is attached via zip ties and all of the converters well as the multimeter are attached using sticky tack (pretty much blu-tack but not blue.)The LED + boost are fed by an old laptop power supply with a max 19V @ 3.42A(?) rating. Led strips are the same one's everyone else is using from user leds-for-you on eBay. I chose the warm white ones with waterproofing. I think if I were to do it again, I'd go with cool white because I'd want more bluer light lower down on the plant. It came with it's own power supply/driver. The fans are powered by old phone chargers (12-14V) and use these two buck converters. I mainly went with voltage adjusted speed just because I wanted to play with converters. I'll probably replace them with PWM knobs or something in the future.


One thing I'm considering adding is G4 LEDs since I have four of them and they are VERY blue-ish (even though they claim to be 6500K on the dot.) They can run on pretty much anything too, so they're quite convenient. I would mainly use those lower down in an attempt to keep plants smaller. The taping is just aluminum tape sold by Conrad (a German site which has an outled in Sweden.) We just roughly calculated the surface area of the inside and bought twice as much as we needed.