OSCILATOR'S PEPPERS by /u/oscilator

Firstly I want to thanks everyone in this community for the help that I have got so far, you guys have done an amazing work and also helped me to avoid problems when I built this bucket. I'm using a container that I found in my garage, it is 55cm high and 34cm wide. I chose a UFO LED light that is really easy to install, just put it on top of the lid, plug and play. For airflow I have a 8×8 PC as intake and a 12×12 as exhaust, those are run with a 12v 1.4A power supply. Also used a pack of Mylar, aluminium tape. This is going to be both interesting and fun! I am going to try grow '7 pod' which is about 1.100.000 on the scoville heat level scale. And that is pretty damn hot!