QUICK Brute by /u/thesis89

Howdy! Thought you guys might like to see my afternoons work. I came home with a $4 bucket and a few hours later the seedling is in! My second bucket build was a lot easier than the first. The holes around the bottom are passive intakes. The fan on top is the exhaust. I've sealed all gaps around the fan, creating negative pressure inside the bucket. This ensures that the intake holes are always sucking in cool air, pushing the warm air upwards through the bucket. I will also be adding a USB fan inside to give airflow directly to the plant and also create a little air turbulence. For the early seedling phase I'm using this cute little 8w LED panel. Its a photo/video light I had sitting in a drawer. The LED has a nice 90 degree mounting bar which saved some work. I'll add more light in a week or two. The seedling is only a few days old, so the 8w will be adequate to get it started.