SPACEY BUILD by /u/robrush

This build was inspired by Napalm's build with the upside down bucket top to conserve buckets needed for the build. I used (6) 5 gallon buckets from Lowe's. They are slightly more slim than other buckets, and if I did it again would check Home Depot or Ace for a slightly wider bucket. For the lid, i cut a bucket in half, and made a nice top that contains the light and exhaust fan. I went with 4x23w CFL bulbs rather than LED, mostly due to cost restrictions. A small computer fan for the intake, and a 4 in duct fan for exhaust. I tried using LED lights on the inside of the bucket, but the heat became an issue. Other than that, I got a 2 gallon fabric pot, some fox farm nutes and a couple analog power outlet timers. My plant wound up being much larger than I thought it would be, and I had to build a second bucket for flowering. So now I have a two bucket system that will allow me to veg in one, flower in the other, and keep my grows moving with some healthy clones :)