SWOLEDAD'S BUILD by /u/swoledad

I have begun my first grow thanks to the wealth of knowledge here at Space Buckets. I wanted to say thanks for giving me an interesting hobby! I am attempting to grow the Carolina Reaper Chilli plant. This plant does not grow well unless temperatures remain over 25 degrees Celsius. There is only 3 months of the year here where this temp is achieved in nature, hopefully the spacebucket will keep a nice warm stable temperature.6 seeds were planted in jiffy pellets two days ago - I should see germination either tomorrow or the next day. I will pick the 3 best looking seedlings and put them in 100mm pots. After the plants are too big for the 100mm pots, I will transplant the strongest one into a 200mm and put the other two out into the garden to see how the growth compares.