WIDENECK PROJECT by /u/thebucketproject

We are running a 150L wideneck barrel with a modified lid (ventsystem stuck through it / 300m³ air per hour) attached to a carbon filter. For lighting we are using a 240w UFO LED light light, also firmly fixed onto the lid. We altered the UFO in a way that it doesn't need its original CPU-like ventsystem and instead uses the fat inline turbine as a cooling aid for heat issues of the LEDs.


We will only grow 1 plant in the barrel, for flowering as well. We are covering the barell with a very large blanket so total darkness will be ensured! They are currently sitting on a beercrate. Once the plant grows in size a little more were also thinking on painting the insides with white paint. Also got some led stripes to hit her from the sides once she grows bushy enough.