ELMO'S BUCKET by /u/ticklemyelm0

This is my UFO LED Space Bucket! First of all, I really appreciate the crazy wealth of information this community has, as well as the super helpful and awesome people that are a part of it. I watched you guys for a year before I finally got the go-ahead to finally do this. And a special thanks to /u/Ekrof for helping out and making this whole subreddit even exist.


Visit the subreddit thread for a full part list. Total cost was about ~0. Honestly, you can keep costs way lower than mine, I was just going for gold, and had the money to spare. I figure I'll be able to recoup the losses in around 6 to 8 months anyway. For the soil, if you get the Fox Farm, it's cheaper at a local Hydroponics shop. For the pH control kit and the nutrients, chances are Amazon is cheaper(the places I checked were all more expensive for those products). A Dremel or box cutter are absolutely necessary for this. I personally didn't use the dremel I got for this very much because it was too loud, box cutters work well as a substitute, but be prepared to be very careful and have a very tired hand. I also bought Activated Carbon for a future carbon filter, still deciding what kind of design I want to go with though, that will probably be a future update.