TITO'S BUCKET by /u/Tito_Ortitty

Using a 180w UFO LED light with a 5gal container. 3 fans have been reversed to exhaust out the top. The gaps between the fans and the housing were siliconed air tight. The idea here was to have a completely air tight bucket. when these fans try to pull air out of the space, it will have negative air pressure and will draw from any leaks or openings. In my case it's the 3/4' elbow. The hygrometer lead goes around back and enters through a small hole. There are also holes on the bottom for drainage into another partial pail below. Bucket is lined with strips of aluminum foil, and aluminum tape. LEDs are much brighter than they appear in the pictures.


Re did my Space Bucket, wanted to go for something clean looking that was light and air tight. My exhaust fan was previously too low and was covered by the 3 gallon pot. My LED strip was originally in the base bucket. I cut it out and made it into a spacer on a new base bucket. Raised the fan up to the very top of the base bucket. The intake fan is zip tied into place and siliconed, and covered by a 4'-3' abs reducer, held in place securely with hot glue. The 3' 90 acts as a great light trap. I also cut a piece of filter media for the 90. Everything got a shot of paint to black it out. Inside is lined with foil tape. The lighting is a UFO LED light and 5m of 5050SMD LED. Intake fan runs continuously and the lights are on a timer to run 16/8 at the moment. Thanks for looking!