TRIJI'S BUILD by /u/triji

Here is my first bucket! I chose to put both fans on top so I could better control the light (in and out). With more than 100 CFM, I'm hoping temps wont be an issue. I plan to get a 4' filter to put at the end of the outlet hose, and I currently have a 6 foot section for the intake. I had considered using a fan controller to limit the air flow and noise, rather than switching the power supply, but I still wanted be able to turn one fan off at when the lights go out. Plus, I had all these bits laying around the work bench. I taped the LED power supply to the side of the three attached buckets, so everything can be picked up from the plant bucket as one unit. I will do the same to one of the three spacer buckets I have (I assume I will need several spacers and more side lighting at some point).