Twin Tower Garden

The original goal was building two 5-bucket tall towers. Due to some changes, it will now be two 4-bucket tall towers. It turns stacked buckets into airtight chambers, using a 'central' carbon-filtered HVAC module as exhaust. This setup is designed to be easy to take apart, light and air-tight, with as few external components as possible. It also has everything one needs to keep a continuous-growth environment running. I'm almost done building. The latest pictures are here: THE GROW-FLOW TOWER (2 UNITS) Grow Unit (90% complete) The bottom and middle buckets fit airtight into each other, but come apart for access to the humidifier and fans in the bottom bucket. An extended 2-gallon bucket hangs from where the middle and top buckets meet, holding a 1 gallon soil pot. The top bucket is lined with a cool-white 5630SMD LED strip. Hanging 5' into the top bucket is a ventilated, shielded light unit. It holds 4 uncapped LED bulbs at 6,500k, 9.5w each for a total of 38w. Flow Unit (complete) The bottom of the bottom bucket is connected with ducting to the veg module it sits on top of. The duct is connected to a 12v 120mm fan, actively pulling air through the veg module, its lighting rig, and into the HVAC module. On its side, the HVAC module accepts a passive duct from the drying module. Air from both sources fills its main chamber, forcing It through a 12' carbon filter which hangs from the underside of a sealed exhaust unit. Inside that unit is a 18w, 110cfm fan pulling air through the filter to exhaust the entire system. THE FLOWER TOWER Flower Unit (complete) It holds a 5 gallon grow bag, with the soil line at the top of the bottom bucket. There is a trellis spacer between the bottom and second buckets, and 3-speed active intakes are in the second bucket. The second and third buckets fit together airtight, but come apart for easy access to the bottom of the plants. The third bucket has a SMD5630 LED strip as side lighting.There is an LST net where its third and top buckets meet. Hanging 5' into the top bucket is the same light unit as the veg module -- except stronger lights. It holds four 14w 2,700k LEDs, for 56 watts. Harvested plants will dry in here. COMING IMPROVEMENTS - I'm investigating a custom COB (Vero 18s) fixture, first for the Flower Tower, then for the Grow Unit. I imagine 4 actively-cooled chips on an adjustable pulley system. - I'm also investigating boosting the sidelighting in the both towers. - Redoing most of the wiring so that it flows through a power supply, inside of a box, attached to the buckets. Safety always.