VAHPOR'S TOTE by /u/vahpor

This tote is ~2.5 sq ft of space with a ~2 ft vertical limit. I'm using a 3g smart pot, with living-organic no-till soil. The grow chamber is a 18g roughneck tote, and the light top is made with a 10gal tote. I also have 80 and 120mm 12v fans to take care of the airflow. The custom LED fixture has four Vero 18 chips (two 5000k and two 3500k) and a 150w diver, 107-215vdc constant current (model HLG-120H-C700B). The LEDs are wired in series. With my current driver, capable of ~20.1 watts per chip/~80.4 watts total. ~43% efficiency (@ 700ma). I run them dimmed down quite a bit to keep temps in check, likely closer to 50w. In the future I'd like to automate some of the cooling and lighting with a controller and some more thermal probes.