Greetings all. I've been working on this particular build for a while now. A small dream of mine is to design an idiot-proof container system for growing wasabi at home, and Space Buckets seem like the perfect project for this endevour! Starting off I gave myself a couple of requirements:
  1. All components except for the buckets have to be easy to find, 'hot swappable', and easily assembled.
  2. Nothing should require special knowledge to set-up. Example: no re-wiring of electrical components. All lights use cord sets or socket adapters. Exhaust fans are hooked to a PC fan speed controller powered by a 12v adapter with a molex connection.
Good wasabi seeds are ridiculously difficult to obtain and germinate, so I had plenty of time to mess with different prototypes before these little guys were ready to transplant into their first bucket. It's nice to finally be able to put these builds into production, so to speak. Wasabi grows slowly, taking up to 2 years to mature, so this is a somewhat long-term grow. Eventually each plant will be housed in its own bucket, most likely nestled in a 10' net lid. For now they'll be sharing a bucket.