STEALTH LED BUCKET by /u/BucketOfLight

This idea is based off of SuperAngryGuy's hardware store LED bucket. Everything here was sourced in Canada, either locally at Home Depot/Rona or from I'm using standard 10w LED bulbs with plug-in sockets, along with 5 meters of 5050SMD LED lighting for the sides. I chose a 5gal container for this build, as I want a small footprint. Also betting on a 4' Duct Booster fan with a carbon filter. Check out more info on the subreddit!

Question: how much noise does the booster fan make?

It's very quiet to me, especially compared to the other fans of a similar size. If you are in the same room with it and it's out in the open, you can only hear the air moving and not any mechanical sounds. I sleep with it out in the open near my bed. The booster fan is rated at 100CFM, I don't have any way of verifying if it actually pushes that much air but has kept my bucket between 70-85F. You can feel the air being sucked into the bucket from the opening of the air intake. Depending on the ambient room temperature the temperatures will go higher(80-87F) when I attach to the ducting/carbon filter to the fan. I put an air conditioner into the room where I keep it, it helps to control the temperatures while also completely covering up the sound of the fan even when it's out in the open. I might be adding a helper fan if the filter adds problems to the airflow.