NAPALM DESIGN by /u/CaptainNapalm67

Hi everyone! The main inspiration for the design is to cut down on the amount of buckets used. Spacers can be wasteful since the UFO LED light needs a set distance regardless to avoid bleaching. The 7020 LED side lighting is powered by a 12V 10A converter. The exhaust fan is a 4' is tied at the end of a 4' dryer duct I bought from a local hardware store. Wedging the upside-down bucket into a spacer is actually very sturdy. It takes very little effort to make it very difficult to pull apart. As a result, it feels like it's one seamless piece attached to a spacer. This let's you save about 2-3 spacers by creating a top piece. I attached the UFO LED light to the upside-down bucket with only zip-ties. Temperatures are in the low 80s.