COTTON'S TOTE by /u/cottonparachute

This is my LED tote build! I'm using 100w LED chips powered by a 24v 15A power supply that I cranked all the way up to 30.5v. I had 2 boost converters at first, but one had heat issues boosting 24v to 30v and the other one went 2 weeks after. That was 2 months ago. Seems to work fine just having them connected in parallel on the power supply and I check on voltage, draw and temperature about once a week; so far so good. The LEDs are just generic 100w cool white (6500k). I also have warm white (3700k) COBs that I want to use 2 weeks into flower. I use 2 passive intakes on the bottom tote that are covered by mesh fan covers and a 90mm, 78cfm B-Blaster case fan in the back of the top tote.