It started as the most basic set up possible.. 2 buckets and 1 LED light bulb.. after visiting the space bucket websight I was sold! Had to build one myself. I live in a camper in northern Michigan and it is currently -2° outside. The camper is warm and cozy but as heat rises and our heat source is a wallmount heater, you sweat from your chest up, and everything below is a cool 55° or so.. this said I had to change a few things about my bucket. It has 2 12v fans from an old power inverter that came with my camper, and 1 120v fan from an old heater I torn apart.. My light head bucket is made up of 2 full spectrum 60w LED bulbs from Walmart, and 1x40w CFL bulbs that I had in a drawer. I also found 2 more buckets along the way.. I used aluminum tape for the interior of the bucket, and cut everything with my big Bowie knife. Between hunting up free parts, and replanning my design about 7 times, I finally made a deduction as to how I am going to build.. So far I only have 3 day old sprouts in it but looks like it is working really well.. This is a project that will never be finished, and I plan on using red and blue 5630SMD LED strips around the entire interior of my center 2 buckets that house the 12v fans, and adding about 3 more CFL bulbs to the head when plant is closer to bloom. This is my first bucket, and second ever attempt at growing this type of plant. Everybody reading this is along in a journey with me.. I can't wait to see what the bucket turns into, and how well the plant turns out.. Total cost of build : $20 Total time to build : just about a full day off and on taking my time. I will post more pictures as I go, I hope it helps inspire your own ideas! Or completely copy mine.. just run the fans in the same direction as my blueprint.. I have fans reversed because of the cooler temps at floor level in my camper.. so it's sucking heat from the top of bucket to keep inside temps ideal..