COMPACT SB by /u/ekrof

I tried to synthesize all the things we've learnt over the past year, and basically combined a glass-shielded CFL bulbs light-top with a LED strip spacer and 3 PC fans. I also put the power strip on top of the lid, and this means that you can use the compact bucket with any 5gal container. No need for a special main bucket with ventilation. I used a lot of electrical tape, epoxy putty and silicone sealant. Soldered all my splices, and used a junction box. The block has 3 8x8 PC fans with a 2A 12v power supply. One exhaust on the side and another on the lid, and an intake for the bulbs. Another 2A 12v power supply is there for the 2 meters of 5050SMD LEDs.