LED Bulbs

by /u/ekrof

LED bulbs can be used for Space Buckets, and they are a good replacement for standard CFL builds. The main advantage of LED bulbs is that you can keep the heatsink on the outside, avoiding many heat problems. They also have better electrical efficiency and are commonly cheaper than equivalent CFL bulbs.

A glass shield is an important safety feature

LED Bulbs Safety

An important note on safety: When removing the cover or diffuser on an LED lamp, you may be exposing yourself to very unsafe DC voltage. Count the LED's. If there are more than 20 LED's then you should probably think about using a different brand of LED. This is because the SMD LED's commonly used in LED e27 lightbulbs use about 3v. Wired in series, the string could require upwards of 60vDC. Although this voltage may be safe, you are quickly approaching the range of voltage that can pass current through the human body. This is regardless of AC or DC.